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Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything…fix your thoughts on what is true…think about things that are excellent.” Phil 4:6 & 8.

Night after night after night…the Evening News is packed with bad news.  A couple of months ago it used to be all about Climate Change. At the moment it’s all about Covid 19.  And in a few months’ time the Evening News will have another focus…but the theme will remain the same…bad news.

Quite frankly the Evening News is not good for you.  If you keep over dosing on the news you’ll end up with a distorted view of reality and you’ll be weighed down with unnecessary anxiety. 

Sure, we should not be flippant about the problems of life but neither should we be dismissive of the many joys of life either. Too many people are stressed out and worried. Lots of people are reporting that they are struggling to sleep.

I suggest it is time to turn the TV News off and fill our minds with something more joyful and uplifting. Let’s lighten up about the current situation and start counting our many blessings. When you start counting your blessing it is amazing our you start to feel a lot better.

Finally, let’s pray.  Take your fears and your worries to the LORD and leave them with him.

Life is too short to live stressed.

Live blessed instead.

Ps. David

Ps David Warwick

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